Event Name Date & Time
Fri  01/31/2020  9:15 am - 10:15 am
Wed  02/12/2020  (All Day)
Mon  02/17/2020  (All Day)
Thu  02/27/2020  6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Fri  02/28/2020  9:15 am - 10:15 am
Mon  03/02/2020  (All Day)  to
Wed  03/04/2020  (All Day)
Thu  03/05/2020  (All Day)  to
Fri  03/06/2020  (All Day)
Sun  03/08/2020  (All Day)
Wed  03/18/2020  (All Day)
Fri  03/27/2020  9:15 am - 10:15 am
End of 3rd Quarter/ EARLY RELEASE/ Grades K-5, 11:50am, Grades 6-12, 12:00pm Fri  04/03/2020  (All Day)
Spring Break/ NO SCHOOL Mon  04/06/2020  (All Day)  to
Fri  04/10/2020  (All Day)
Easter Sun  04/12/2020  (All Day)
BUS: Cedar Campus PS-2nd Grade Field Trip Tue  04/21/2020  9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Auction Set-up/ EARLY RELEASE/Grades K-5, 11:50am, Grades 6-12, 12:00pm Fri  04/24/2020  (All Day)
Cedar Campus Coffee & Tours Fri  04/24/2020  9:15 am - 10:15 am
Annual Benefit Fundraiser - Auction Sat  04/25/2020  (All Day)
PS-12th Spring Concert Tue  05/05/2020  (All Day)
PS-12th Grade Spring Concert Tue  05/05/2020  5:30 pm - 9:00 pm
LATE START/Teacher In-service-10:20am Grades 6-12/10:30am-Grades K-5 Wed  05/06/2020  (All Day)
Respite Day/NO SCHOOL Fri  05/22/2020  (All Day)
Memorial Day/NO SCHOOL Mon  05/25/2020  (All Day)
Cedar Campus Coffee & Tours Fri  05/29/2020  9:15 am - 10:15 am
Senior Graduation Sat  06/06/2020  (All Day)
Finals Schedule/EARLY RELEASE, GRADES K-5, 11:50am, Grades 6-12, 11:40am Wed  06/10/2020  (All Day)  to
Fri  06/12/2020  (All Day)
LAST DAY OF SCHOOL Fri  06/12/2020  (All Day)
Labor Day Mon  09/07/2020  (All Day)
Halloween Sat  10/31/2020  (All Day)
Daylight Saving Time Ends Sun  11/01/2020  (All Day)
Veteran's Day Wed  11/11/2020  (All Day)
Thanksgiving Thu  11/26/2020  (All Day)
Christmas Day Fri  12/25/2020  (All Day)
New Year's Day Fri  01/01/2021  (All Day)
Martin Luther King Day Mon  01/18/2021  (All Day)
Valentine's Day Sun  02/14/2021  (All Day)
President's Day Mon  02/15/2021  (All Day)
Daylight Saving Time Begins Sun  03/14/2021  (All Day)
St. Patrick's Day Wed  03/17/2021  (All Day)
Easter Sun  04/04/2021  (All Day)
Cinco De Mayo Wed  05/05/2021  (All Day)
Memorial Day Mon  05/31/2021  (All Day)
Independence Day Sun  07/04/2021  (All Day)
Labor Day Mon  09/06/2021  (All Day)
Columbus Day Mon  10/11/2021  (All Day)
Halloween Sun  10/31/2021  (All Day)
Daylight Saving Time Ends Sun  11/07/2021  (All Day)
Veteran's Day Thu  11/11/2021  (All Day)
Thanksgiving Thu  11/25/2021  (All Day)
Christmas Day Sat  12/25/2021  (All Day)
New Year's Day Sat  01/01/2022  (All Day)
Martin Luther King Day Mon  01/17/2022  (All Day)
Valentine's Day Mon  02/14/2022  (All Day)
President's Day Mon  02/21/2022  (All Day)
Daylight Saving Time Begins Sun  03/13/2022  (All Day)
St. Patrick's Day Thu  03/17/2022  (All Day)
Easter Sun  04/17/2022  (All Day)
Cinco De Mayo Thu  05/05/2022  (All Day)
Memorial Day Mon  05/30/2022  (All Day)
Independence Day Mon  07/04/2022  (All Day)
Labor Day Mon  09/05/2022  (All Day)
Columbus Day Mon  10/10/2022  (All Day)
Halloween Mon  10/31/2022  (All Day)
Daylight Saving Time Ends Sun  11/06/2022  (All Day)
Veteran's Day Fri  11/11/2022  (All Day)
Thanksgiving Thu  11/24/2022  (All Day)
Christmas Day Sun  12/25/2022  (All Day)
New Year's Day Sun  01/01/2023  (All Day)
Martin Luther King Day Mon  01/16/2023  (All Day)
Valentine's Day Tue  02/14/2023  (All Day)
President's Day Mon  02/20/2023  (All Day)
Daylight Saving Time Begins Sun  03/12/2023  (All Day)
St. Patrick's Day Fri  03/17/2023  (All Day)
Easter Sun  04/09/2023  (All Day)
Cinco De Mayo Fri  05/05/2023  (All Day)
Memorial Day Mon  05/29/2023  (All Day)
Independence Day Tue  07/04/2023  (All Day)
Labor Day Mon  09/04/2023  (All Day)
Columbus Day Mon  10/09/2023  (All Day)
Halloween Tue  10/31/2023  (All Day)
Daylight Saving Time Ends Sun  11/05/2023  (All Day)
Veteran's Day Sat  11/11/2023  (All Day)
Thanksgiving Thu  11/23/2023  (All Day)
Christmas Day Mon  12/25/2023  (All Day)
New Year's Day Mon  01/01/2024  (All Day)
Martin Luther King Day Mon  01/15/2024  (All Day)
Valentine's Day Wed  02/14/2024  (All Day)
President's Day Mon  02/19/2024  (All Day)
Daylight Saving Time Begins Sun  03/10/2024  (All Day)
St. Patrick's Day Sun  03/17/2024  (All Day)
Easter Sun  03/31/2024  (All Day)
Cinco De Mayo Sun  05/05/2024  (All Day)
Memorial Day Mon  05/27/2024  (All Day)
Independence Day Thu  07/04/2024  (All Day)